My name is Maria. I am a human, a woman, a mother, a yogi, a teacher, a healer, a coach, a linguist, and most importantly I am divine soul – just as you are.

My mission is happy humans living in peace and kindness with each other.

I have been exploring spirituality since 2011, starting with yoga, then mastering Buddhist meditation, learning reiki healing, studying transformative coaching, taking a yoga teacher training, receiving teaching from divine plants, and getting guidance and coaching from hundreds of loving souls.

I’ve been healing, guiding and coaching other souls since 2017, and since 2022 I am focusing on mothers’ wellbeing.

I am based in Norway and keep travelling the world.

I gentle parent my daughter.

I speak four languages.

I am a pacifist.

I like to paint.

What do we share? Connect with me on Instagram and let’s have a chat.