Is there a stubborn challenge in your life?

Personal, professional, with your health, business or relationship?

Something that you wish could just dissolve with the click of your fingers, but instead it keeps you stuck month after month?

Are you trying to heal a health condition, fit in your skinny jeans, reach your goals, expand your business, or write a book?

Have you been feeling tired, exhausted, or burned out, and you need a refill of energy and inspiration?

Or, are you starting a new habit or project, but it is not manifesting as smoothly as you imagined?

I have a simple offer for you.

Energy healing. A powerful energy boost towards your specific request.

At the cost of a cup of coffee, but 100 times more effective.

You fill out the form below and specify what exactly you would like to receive the energy boost for. I will also need your name and location, so that I can focus the energy sending.

Every Sunday at 7AM PT, I will send reiki energy towards all requests received during the week. The energy sending will take 20-30 minutes.

If you are asleep at the time, keep sleeping. Energy healing works perfectly while the recipient is asleep. If you are awake, you will need to sit or lay down undisturbed.

Getting your Energy Boost will help you feel re-energised and receive divine blessings towards the need or desire that is most burning for you right now.

For some people, one Energy Boost will be all they need to resolve the issue / dissolve the obstacle.

For others, there might be deeper resistance present, in which case you are welcome to come back as many times as you need (make a new request and specify if it’s your second/third/tenths round).