I have been practicing reiki since September 2016, both for self-healing and for healing others. Reiki treatment is a holistic energy treatment that positively impacts both physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Reiki addresses the underlying causes of our dis-ease, rather than its symptoms.

At the moment, I am only offering online reiki sessions, specializing in energy clearing and manifestation.

Energy clearing session

This is a 60-minutes session to remove energy blockages from your body and mind. The blockages can be represented by physical pain, emotional disturbance, mental suffering, inability to proceed towards your dreams.

In the session, we will shortly discuss the nature of your ailment, and then dive into the energy work. You will need a quiet place where you can lay down comfortably, a small pillow, and a blanket to cover yourself if you feel cold.

Manifestation session

This powerful reiki session is specifically designed to help you manifest your dreams. Manifestation is a very effective tool, however it requires knowledge and energy to apply it correctly in your life so that you can enjoy the results that you truly want. This reiki session activates your intention and helps you match your vibration to the desired outcome.

To prepare for the manifestation reiki session, choose one goal that you want to work with. You will need a comfortable quiet place to sit, and a notebook or a sheet of paper to write down your insights.

The session is 60-75 minutes long.

Send me an email to book a session or if you have any questions.

You can also book your online session directly in the calendar: https://innertherapy.youcanbook.me/