Kudle beach, India

Many parents are afraid of travelling internationally with their kids, get super stressed during the travel or avoid travelling altogether until their children reach a certain age.

I have been debunking these myths and travelling with my daughter since she turned 3 months. Now at four years old, she has been to 10+ countries and we keep exploring new places every year.

I am a big fan of the travel lifestyle, and even though a child definitely changes the experience a bit, it is not an obstacle to keep travelling as much as you desire.

You are welcome to contact me should you need any advice on travelling with kids globally, and especially in our favourite destinations:

  • Europe (esp. Norway & Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands)
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Russia

If you have any questions about the practicalities of the travel, best places to stay with children, most important equipment to make travelling easier, customs and traditions in the various countries, etc. – I am always just a message away.

Contact me at maria@innertherapy.no or DM on Insta @selfloveformothers. And enjoy your trip!